DARE to EARN – Encourage investments out of Borders

Property prices have appreciated significantly over the past five years, However for the overseas Indian, it is just a marginal increase owing to depreciation of the Indian rupee. This has made investments in India’s real estate more affordable and extremely lucrative for our brothers and sisters overseas.
The advantage lies in the fact that while you earn in foreign currency you can invest back home in rupees . It is blessing in disguise for NRI’s as the property is almost 30% cheaper when compared to Indian citizens. NRI’s looking at investing in property in India should consider commercial spaces as you can expect returns of 10 – 11% per annum from commercial investment. In commercial real estate you not only make a profit on the sale of appreciated commercial property,the rental cash flow is also remarkable.
So, the NRI’s looking at commercial real estate here are some tips that might help you make a favorable decision.
  • Location
Investors need to establish the soundness of the location and it’s demand / supply dynamics.
Type of property:
 There are two popular commercial properties:
  •   Retail
  •   Office spaces
 Earlier there were only large units available for both making it difficult for small investors to invest. However now small spaces are also available making it easy to cater to all types of investors.
Expected Returns:
The investor should  invest according to the  developments happening in and around the area. For those who do their homework well investing in commercial property is a high adrenaline and high returns game.
Investing in commercial real estate too calls for a fair share of due diligence check the developers credentials , potential access to public transport and quality of property management in the project
Hope to serve you better

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