Pros and Cons of Investment in Property

Any individual with a stable income looks for ways to further increase his wealth other than his salary. Investing in different fields is an option that can be chosen for this purpose. There are many ways in which one can invest, and the most common form of investments is investment in property.

property investment

Investment in property can result in huge gains in the long run, if done the right way. Like any investment option, investment in property too has its downsides, but its positive aspects highly outweigh them.

Investment in property has many benefits. First of all, in this case, one is completely responsible for his property investment. A person is free to choose on what property to invest in, how much rent to charge and how to manage and maintain the property. Also, one can use high leverage, which means borrowing a major part of the amount while adding his own relatively small amount to buy a certain property. In addition to this, if one decides to rent out his property, then the rental income after meeting the maintenance cost adds directly to the owner’s profit. Another benefit of investment in property is that a property can be willed to family members after the death of the owner so that the profit from the property can be continued to be utilized.

However, there are a few risks in the case of investment in property as well. At times, it can be very challenging to find loan for investing in a property. This is because lending institutions are highly careful when it comes to choosing whom they lend money to. Also taking a loan for investment in property leads to the additional cost of the debt for the investor. There is also the extra cost of managing and maintaining the property.

The choice of investing in property is a person’s own choice. But if one chooses to do so, he must weigh the pros and cons of it before hand.


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